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A fresh coat of paint can change the mood of a room.

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About Me (Pete Martin the Painter)

Many look at me strange when I tell them that I enjoy painting.  I cannot recall a time when I did not enjoy transforming the feel of a room with a fresh coat of paint. 

The first time that I painted professionally was when I worked for a contractor the summer prior to my sophomore year in high school.  He tethered me to a chimney with a rope to ensure that a slip of a foot did not result in me splatting on the sidewalk below.  I was not overly confident in his system, and therefore I stayed away from contractors for some time after that experience.

I really began to paint professionally while in college.  For three summers, while in college, and the year after I graduated, I worked for a general contractor.  Whenever an apartment needed a sprucing up, or an entire building needed a fresh coat of stain on its exterior, I was the guy he turned to.  I was, and am, good at painting because I knew that a "good" job was in the preparation and the details.

After I graduated from college and moved on to a career in teaching, I always wanted to spruce up the apartment that I lived in, or the house that I had just purchased, with a splash of color on the walls. 

After realizing that teaching was not for me, I returned to painting.  And after several years of working for others, I started my own company, "Pete the Painter," in October 2012. For legal reasons I had to change my company's name to "Pete Martin the Painter."


What I Do

A recent cabinet refinish job I completed.

A recent cabinet refinish job I completed.


 When I was considering starting my own business, the contractor who had taught me to paint, and who I was currently doing some painting for, described me as a perfectionist.  This does not mean that I am perfect, but it means that I work very hard to make the job that I am working on look as good as possible. Three years I ago I added an employee to my one man show during the exterior seasin. It has made getting bigger exteriors easier.  Being a small outfit means that I will be on site most of the time. 

Being a two many show,  we do have some limitations. I have yet to find an interior job that was too big.   However exteriors are a different story.  Large houses with multiple roofs such as some Victorians, or dormers on steep s roofs are sometimes too much.  Despite the size of the house on my welcome page, it was manageable because it was easy to get to..It was only two stories and nothing that required special equipment.   I do lead work, but there are many exterior lead jobs that I will not do.  Lead work requires a lot of time setting up plastic barriers so that the lead does not find its way onto the ground.  If setting up the barriers (plastic) is too complicated, I find that it is too much for me to do the job. 

Since we are a small company, I am not the person to call if you want an entire interior of a three story house painted in a week.  Hire a big company if this is what you are looking to have done.  There are some very good companies out there that can meet your needs. 

If you are looking for someone that will show up on time, put in a full day of hard work, and respect your time and property then I am the painter for you.  Over the the short period of time that I have been in business,  I have been amazed at how many customers have conveyed to me issues with painters and contractors not returning calls and not showing up for work.  And more times than even I can believe I have been told that contractors have taken money and never shown up. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, I will always show up on time for an estimate and work.  if I cannot make it to work, I will let you know ahead of time. And, I will never take your money and not show up for work.