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Painting Kitchen Cabinets

A lot of Home Owners are deciding to have their kitchen cabinets refinished instead of replaced.  This is a great money saving option if you cabinets are in good shape.  There are several things that you should consider if you plan on having your cabinets painted.

If you have very nice cabinets that have never been painted you will most likely want to find a painter that sprays cabinets.  I, unfortunately do not spray.  Spraying allows for a very smooth (no brush strokes visible finish).  If you have older or lower quality cabinets, that you are just looking to spruce up, than you might not mind seeing some brush strokes on the cabinets, then you can consider painters that do not spray.  The images of the cabinets in this post were such cabinets were brushed.

However, if you want a near perfect finish (sprayed) and your cabinets were previously painted before, a near flawless finish might be tough (expensive) to achieve.  In order to get a smooth finish on the top coat, the coats underneath much also be smooth.  If your cabinets were brushed (or even worse--rolled) then it will take a lot of prep (time) to get a smooth finish before the cabinets are painted.

Some basic things that you should consider before you decide to have you cabinets painted.

  • Cabinets jobs are intensive--
    • doors and hardware have to be removed
    • cabinets have to be cleaned intensively--all the grease and grime that comes with cooking and all of the residue from cleaners have to be removed
  • If the doors will be painted on site, a large area will have to be used to paint the cabinet doors.
  • If you also having the interiors of the cabinets painted you will have to wait a minimum of three days (the longer the better) before you put the items back into the cabinets

The pictures in this post are of a recent cabinet job that I did.  The cabinets were brushed.  I wish that I had taken some better before pictures, and more after pictures of the interior of the cabinets.  If you notice that the window sashes are dirty--it was extremely cold, and I was unable to paint them.  This will be remedied in the Spring.

The one image that has a plastic on the door and window was taken when I was prepping to do some lead work on the door frames and baseboards.