Pete Martin The Painter

A fresh coat of paint can change the mood of a room.

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Determining Cost

What will it cost?  This is a very tough question to answer without actually seeing the space to be painted. There are three basic factors that go into determining the cost, which are time, materials, and paint.


All paint jobs will include the basics:

  • washing
  • sanding
  • 2 coats of paint (often ceilings and trim, if they are in good shape, and are being painted the same color, can be done with one coat)

Ceilings often do not need to be washed, the possible exception being kitchen ceilings or homes that have fire places that are often used.


Many factors go into determining the time it will take to paint a room.  Some of the determining factors for an interior job are:

  • size of room
  • height of ceilings
  • condition of surface--cracks, nail pops, and spaces between wall and baseboard
  • amount of furniture in the room

Some of the factors for an exterior job are:

  • condition of the paint
  • difficulty of getting to the area to be painted
  • height of the building (height of the walls)


This is what the painter needs to either purchase or rent to complete the job.


There are two primary factors that determine the cost of paint.  The amount of paint needed is the first.  This is determined by the size of the room.  Another factor in determining the amount of paint is the color selected.  Many neutral colors do not hide the color under it with two coats.  Also, many reds, oranges and yellows often need more than two coats to get an even finish.  The second factor in determining the cost of paint is the manufacturer of paint (please see Paints link) . Not all paints are created equal and good paints cost more than lower quality paints.  A side note: There is no such thing as a one coat paint.  The only time that you will ever get away with one coat (and still get a quality paint job) is when the new coat is the same color as the old paint.  Another factor that is nowadays less common, especially for interior paint, is painting over oil paint.  In order to get good adhesion when putting water-based over oil paint a coat of primer often needs to first be applied..  Obviously, if the areas to be painted is new construction, a primer will need to be used before the top coats are applied..