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A fresh coat of paint can change the mood of a room.

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Getting Rid of Old Paint

If you are like me,  old paint hanging around in your house.  I like to keep left over paint in case I need it for a touch up. But, I also tend to keep paint long after it of any use to me. Perhaps, I painted my walls a new color, and it no longer makes sense for me yo hold on to the old paint.  Also paint can go bad.  This can happen if it freezes.  Or maybe the can was not closed properly and the paint has dried.

So, if you treat your old paint like I do, you now have a problem.  You want to get rid of the paint, but you cannot throw it out, and you cannot pour it down the toilet.  Well, here is a simple solution. 

You can through out paint--it just cannot be wet paint.  So the answer is to dry it out.  There are two ways to do this.  First, if there is only a small amount of paint in the can, open the can and place it somewhere where it cannot be easily knocked over by an animal or small child.  Wait for it do dry, and then throw it in the trash.  If you have a lot of paint you can dry it out with cat litter.  Mix the paint with cat liter and then spread it out on a old newspaper. The cat litter will absorb the paint, and after it fully drys it can be thrown out safely.   Let the left over paint in the can dry out, and the can, can also be thrown out.