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Trust your Painter

Without getting into any details, I don't believe in slamming someone on-line, I recently had a bad encounter with a home owner, which was essentially the result of the home owner not taking my advice, and then blaming me for the results.

Again, without any specifics, I was hired to paint some new wood.  The wood had tannins, those are the stains you see come through paint (think knots), and I told him that one coat of primer and one coat of stain would most likely not work. He also had me stain, despite me telling him that I did not think it was a good idea, a material that should have been painted.  I am trying to be a vague.

Well, when he looked at it on the second day, the tannins in the wood were showing through, and obviously needed at least one more top coat, and the paint that was on the other material looked terrible.

In retrospect I should have never taken the job.  The home owner had a preconceived idea of how the job should be done and how long it was going to take.  When it did not meet his expectations, despite warnings from me, he blamed me.  There was another instance in which this home owner did not trust my experience and knowledge.

The moral of the story--trust the person that you have hired to paint your house.  They are professional (hopefully) and know what they are talking about.